Angels on Earth Childcare


Angels on Earth believes, that it does not only take a family, but also a community to help ensure the safety of our children by providing a safe place for them to go while their parents are working or attending school. Families are our community's most important resources and must be respected, valued and encouraged to build on their strengths. They deserve a High Quality Childcare Center, which they may depend on and look for the support they might need in helping care for their children. The early childhood years present a special opportunity to open a door to a child's future. Intervening early in the lives of children particularly those who are minority and economically disadvantaged, is widely believed to provide the best opportunity to forestall later problems, and to ready children for school and life. By providing for the children a safe, secure healthy and loving environment to experience physical, social emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth, these skills will help them excel in their later life.