Therapeutic Program Worker - CSN (TPW-CSN)

Job Description


Population served aged 18 years & older; may be required to work mandatory overtime; on a scheduled shift, assigned to work with assigned identified consumers living at the Residential site; using social learning & direct skills teaching, implements assigned responsibilities as reflected in the consumers personal plan & behavior plan; provides intensive community based & in-house living skills training & ensures consumer skills enhancement in two major areas; independent living skills includes hygiene & personal grooming, medication management with staff assisting consumers in accurately self-administering medication through monitoring psychiatric symptom management, food preparation, domestic chores, health, nutrition, physical fitness, money management & budgeting & utilization of community resources; social skills includes leisure recreation, communication skills & appropriate behavioral skills, assesses & intervenes to stabilize potential situation & works with consumers to de-escalate & problem solve (potential) crisis situation & as necessary, intervene to ensure the safety of all consumers & staff; teach consumers in meal preparation &/or prepares meals; staff will also function as a role model for consumers by behaving in a manner which is both professional & caring.  Work with consumers & other professionals to help develop effective, behaviorally-oriented Individualized Service Plans & Behavior Plans to facilitate consumer(s) skill development; evaluates consumer progress & recommends service revisions to supervisor, case manager & consumer; works with the CSN Manager of Residential Services & CSN Group Home Manager to develop a service work plan, outlining the specific duties & responsibilities to the residential support workers contribution to the Small Group Program; participate in program development & direction under the guidelines of the Program Director; participates in all agency, program staff &/or consumer meetings &/or committees, as necessary to carry out agency programs & services; may have to transport consumers to appointments, school, work & activities.


Completes all required records, reports & other required documentation in a timely & accurate fashion; documents all consumer observation & progress, including changes in resident(s) behavior & progress made toward individual goals; completes logs of consumer contacts that lists dates, contacts, and services provided; maintains the cleanliness of the facility on a daily basis; performs other related duties as needed &/or assigned; attends required training to increase skills & knowledge of job related function/role; practices good public relations techniques (i.e., professional, helpful, friendly voice & attitude) when greeting & interacting with visitors & the community at large in order to increase customer satisfaction; utilize OhioMHAS approved office productivity software, approved intra & internet resources & information systems in an appropriate work related manner as specified by NBH Personal Computer Usage Guidelines for Employees; access computer to review policy & procedure manual; follows established safety practices & procedures.



Formal education in arithmetic that includes addition & subtraction & in reading, writing & speaking common English vocabulary.  Valid Ohio Driver’s License & appropriate driving record.  Statement of physical examination & TB Test prior to employment. 



When completing a bid form for any change of classification, a resume and/or State Application form GEN-4268 must be completed in all possible detail & submitted by the filing deadline.  People with mental disabilities are encouraged to apply for all job offerings.  The final candidate selected for the position will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position. An individual assessment of an applicant’s prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration. The final candidate selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis prior to an appointment to test for illegal drug use.  The state will decline to extend a final offer of employment to any applicant with a verified positive test result.  A candidate with a positive test will not be considered for any position with the State of Ohio for a period of one year.  


Under provisions of the Ohio Civil Service Laws this position may be subject to Layoff Recall

Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of

race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.