Crating and Packing Production Worker

Job Description

Candidates MUST have construction experience.  Experience with the use of Pneumatic Tools and Saws Required.  Forklift certification

is a plus. We construct custom Crates and Pallets of all sizes.  We also make custom, corrugated Boxes.  Candidates would be

trained to our methods and designs of crate and skid production. We would also train candidate to produce our custom boxes, as well

as our packing methods.  This IS NOT a basic warehouse position.

This is a full time position, and may require some overtime based on jobs we have in production and the deadlines. There is a trial

period for all new employees to allow us to see the quality of work, and how a candidate adapts to our training.  Salary is based on

'previous work experience and can increase based on an employee's progress.  We reward hard work, good quality and dedication.

Please send a detailed resume or complete work history.  Candidate must have own transportation and a clean driving record.